Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#552 ICS 17.1.3 - Javascript Libraries

Javascript Libraries

Here is my simple JavaScript code -

Now I want to leverage this in a mapping in ICS.

With version 17.1.3 (Early Update Enabled) we can import JavaScript libraries.

Here I import my .js file -

I specify that it will be used in Orchestrations - I also
specify the data types (String) of the input e.g. the ISO code IE and the
output - Ireland.

Now, use this in an Orchestration - for this I use the Callout activity.

Select the js function for use in the Callout -

Configure the input - I set it to the countryCode from my input.

Now, I just re-sequence the Callout, placing it before the Map for the RightNow createContact.

I now do the mapping for the RightNow createContact -

Note the availability of the Callout response in the Source panel.

I also map the country to the Title attribute in the RightNow contact.
I am doing this so that it is visible in the first screen

I map the response from RightNow -

Simple stuff!

I test -


I check in RightNow

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#551 PCS 17.1.3 leveraging ICS

Now we have even tighter integration between PCS and ICS. Together they provide us with an unbeatable process and integration platform.

Let's start with a simple example -

Here is my ICS process - all it does is create an organization in Service Cloud.

Now to PCS - I can "register" my ICS environment in Workspace (Administration - Services).

Now to my process - this is a simple order process. The order comes from an organization.
A confirmation email is sent to the Org email address, once the order has been approved.

Now I want to call my ICS process to create the organization, once the order has been approved.

Now I can browse for my integration process on ICS -

Here it is -

I do the Data Associations for input and output -

I resequence the "approved" activities - I also configure the email body to include
the Org Id returned by Service Cloud.

Now to the deployment -

Note: Security is Username Token

I test -

Track -

Check in Service Cloud -

I check my email -

#550 Oracle Partner, Bristelcone - integration accelerators for ICS

We all know how easy it is to build SaaS 2 SaaS and SaaS 2 on-premise integrations with ICS.
The main IP in the data mapping, which requires a functional knowledge of the business objects, both source and target. In order to help here, Oracle provides pre-built integrations between apps such as Sales and Service Cloud. This pre-built helps keep Sales Accounts and Contacts in sync. I have blogged about it here

Now, our partner Bristelcone has taken this on board and has developed pre-built integrations that truly accelerate your ICS development.

Check out their offerings here

Friday, February 3, 2017

#549 PCS Business Analytics

Here is a simple process I will use in this blog post -

Here are the various roles and the users assigned to them -

I create an Order -

I now log in as the process owner and click on the Dashboards link

I then click on the Business Analytics tab

Here I can create queries on the process -

OOTB, I get generic info offered.

Now, I return to the PCS Composer -

I will add some indicators -

Dimension - how I want to slice the data e.g. slice orders on product or country
Measure - value I want the intelligence on e.g. product price
Attribute - helper for filtering

I also added an Attribute - exportRestriction. This is also a field in the Order.

I re-deploy the PCS app.

I now log back into Workspace and go to the Business Analytics screen -
I have logged in as bala.gupta, the process owner -

Note, the availability of the business indicators, I just created -